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Internal Audit

Poor governance, control, accounting, and risk management processes not only lead to the erosion of stakeholder confidence. In most cases, it also results to the eventual failure of an organisation. It is in this context that the value of internal auditing becomes apparent.

Internal audit solutions for effective risk management and continuous improvement

Millwood Accountings internal audit solutions can aid your organisation in identifying and mitigating varied risks that could affect any aspect of its operations, which include governance, control, finances, and compliance.

If you have existing processes in place for managing those risks, we can provide supplementary expertise to analyse their structure, consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness. Should we find gaps or weaknesses, we can advise you on the corrective actions that can be taken to address the issues at hand.

In order for us to develop a tailored internal audit solution for our clients, we always begin with a thorough analysis of the organisation. We will take into account the sector you operate in, the size and needs of your organisation, and its appetite for risks. We then work out a suited solution that will aid in aligning your processes, employees, work practices, and systems for the purposes of risk mitigation, continuous improvement, and achievement of other key objectives.

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