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Service Charge Audit

Providing occupiers with an annual statement of service charge expenditure is good business practice for property management organisations and property owners. This creates a level of transparency that the service charge costs levied by landlords conform to the ones set out in the lease or tenancy agreement.

Annual statement of service charge expenditure is subject to examination by a surveyor, managing agent, and accountant. Some leases also require that the statement is independently audited before issuing to occupiers. These tasks, although essential for minimising the risks of misstatements and delays, can be an additional burden to property owners and property management organisations due to the significant amount of work involved. This is why we are here to assist you in fulfilling your service charge obligations.

Our specialist team has extensive experience in undertaking service charge audits for all types of properties, including small residential sites to large commercial facilities. We have designed our audit to thoroughly look into your assets and identify risks that may cause serious problems along the way.

Our solutions include:

  • Preparation of service charge reconciliation
  • Thorough external audit
  • Asset report review and production
  • Advice on VAT and other tax

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