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Environmental Sustainability

We conduct business in a manner that minimises our environmental footprint.

Our environment is facing multiple threats that affect its sustainability and availability for future generations. Due to this, we are doing our own share of minimising our environmental footprint as a company so we can contribute in protecting our environment and ensuring a sustainable future. Here are some ways we commit to environmental sustainability.

Paper accounts for a huge bulk of environmental waste, and companies are among the biggest contributors of paper waste, with an average employee using about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. To make sure that we cut back on our paper use and reduce the paper waste we produce, we re-use our papers by printing on both sides or as scrap papers for memos. We also make recycling bins available throughout our office.

For a more sustainable practice, we utilise digital storage. This allows us to save, access, edit and share our documents without resorting to printing several pages on paper. This approach also helps us save more space that would otherwise be used for storage, whilst maintaining more organisation with our documents.
Electricity generation accounts for a huge percentage of CO2 emissions in the UK. In order to do our share in reducing carbon emissions, we regularly audit our power use. We also implement simple solutions like using energy-efficient bulbs and appliances in our offices. Aside from helping us lessen our carbon footprint, these simple practices also enable us to save on energy consumption costs.
On top of the simple environmental sustainability actions we take, we also work with governmental and local groups as well as non-profit organisations in projects that promotes environmental sustainability. We also encourage our employees to make individual sustainable contributions, such as biking to work or using an electric vehicle, taking part in tree planting activities, and participating in different environmental causes, among others.

As little as our actions may be when it comes to environmental sustainability, we know that we are going in the right direction and our collective efforts will inspire others to do the same in helping the environment.

We continue to find ways to implement sustainable practices and solutions within our workplace. As such, we encourage environmental advocates to connect with us so they can share their ideas on how we can further contribute in making a sustainable environment by emailing us at