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Cash Flow Management

In a business setting, cash flow refers to the generation (cash inflow) and use (cash outflow) of cash. Just like blood that keeps the body’s systems functioning, cash flow is what keeps operations running. So if your organisation experiences even the slightest cash flow disruption, chances are, it will undergo financial distress or worse, failure.

Assisting organisations in improving cash flow and managing resources more efficiently

The continued existence of your business relies on having a healthy cash flow, and proper management is key to keep it that way. Millwood Accounting can assist your organisation in this aspect by giving you access to the expertise of our team as well as our proven solutions. Some areas we can help you with include:

  • Cash flow requirements identification
  • Cash health assessment
  • Improvements in payment and collection policies
  • Capital sourcing and debt management
  • Cash flow forecasting and monitoring
  • Cash flow projections
  • Preparation of historical cash flow statements

Working with us in managing the cash flow affairs of your organisation can bring about a number of benefit to your business as a whole. These include enhanced operational performance, timely payment of debts, and an improved relationship with creditors. Once your organisation is able to have full control of its cash flow, its reliance on external sources for funding will be greatly reduced.

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