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Corporate Restructuring

When a company is facing an imminent financial crisis that could lead to its eventual demise, corporate restructuring is an appropriate response to help it recover and return to profitability. With time and process complexity being the biggest challenges to successful restructuring, specialist advice and support must be sought to achieve the best outcomes at speed. That is where our expert corporate restructuring team and solutions come in.

Solutions for overcoming issues and leading a new strategic direction

Successful restructuring always begins with in-depth understanding of the fundamental issues that your company is facing. So to set off the process to a good start, our team will closely work with you to diagnose and rationalise the problems at hand. Drawing upon our extensive restructuring experience, we will then explore options for potential solutions and choose the best course of action that is tailored to your organisation and its unique needs—be it alterations in procedures and processes, re-branding, sale of assets or issuance of equity for debt reduction, or restructuring financial arrangements.

Restructuring can be a painful process as it can cause unpleasant realities like job cuts and loss of assets. In this time of intense pressure, rest assured that you will have access to experienced members of our team, who will support you throughout the process and ensure that you arrive at a more stable and economically sound business operation.

Among the key areas we can advise and support you in include:

  • Business viability assessment
  • Development of turnaround strategies
  • Crisis stabilisation
  • Refinancing and debt management
  • Asset protection or repossession

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