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These days, working individuals cannot solely rely on their salaries and the government to ensure they will be financially comfortable once they reach the age of retirement. This makes pension schemes a vital benefit, helping individuals extend their financial capacity which they can count on in the future.


Unfortunately, the current economic climate with increasingly strict regulatory requirements, and changing member expectations pose new challenges for pension scheme trustees and sponsors alike. On the part of trustees, matters like board effectiveness, investment performance, diversity, standards, and member communications are being continuously scrutinised by regulators. Sponsors, on the other hand, have to deal with increasing demands for cash funding to cover deficits in pension schemes and identifying how they can efficiently sustain the schemes in the long term. With these challenges, it is more important than ever for trustees and sponsors to work with experts to effectively manage pension schemes, balance stakeholders interests, and address funding constraints.

Millwood Accounting's expert pension advisory team can help your organisation in dealing with a wide range of issues related to pension scheme stewardship, management, and funding. We have experience working with a number of trustees, sponsors, and pension regulators, giving us a solid understanding of properly taking care of complex pension issues and liabilities in a cost-efficient and compliant manner.

We can tailor a solution suited to your unique needs so as to help your organisation keep up with change, minimise risks, and achieve long-term aims. The following below are some of the things we can do for you:

  • Pension scheme analysis to determine deficits and review and monitoring of sponsor covenant to ensure adequate funding.
  • Risk review and management and investment return maximisation
  • Scheme member data review for accuracy and con

Speak to one of our representatives today to discuss how we can be of help to your organisation.

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