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Corporate Legal Solutions

A corporate structure may be one of the most advantageous ways to run a business because of its limited liability, substantial capital, and perpetual life. Yet that does not mean it is automatically shielded against the challenges and risks from the businesses it is involved in.

Working with corporate clients over the years, our team can bring a full spectrum of legal advisory solutions to help corporate entities like yours overcome risks associated with corporate governance, agreements, asset management, and regulatory compliance. For shareholders, we can provide legal documentation for different classes of shares.

When you tap into us for assistance, you will work with highly trained corporate legal specialists who will not only provide you with a tailored solution, but will also guide you in every step of the way. With that, you can stay on the right side of regulations and get on with your business more efficiently.

The corporate legal solutions we offer apply to areas like:

  • Business transfer agreements
  • Shareholder agreements and exits
  • Share transfer documentation
  • Loan agreements
  • Tax planning reorganisation
  • Articles of association
  • Formation of special purpose vehicle

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