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Distressed Assets

Distressed assets are ones that have sharply reduced values as a result of excessive debt, bankruptcy, poor performing equity portfolios, and regulatory constraints. Some samples include mortgages, securities, and loans that are in or close to default or are illiquid.

Although non-performing, these assets can be turned around with a detailed plan, choosing the right strategies and approaches. Millwood Accounting can provide all that to your organisation.

Turning around distressed assets

Millwood Accounting has extensive experience and expertise in finding and implementing solutions for turning around distressed assets. We assist investors, lenders, creditors, and other stakeholders in the management to stabilise the issue at hand and prevent selling assets at extremely cheap prices. The core of our service is to revitalise assets that we believe deserve a second chance.

For a successful turnaround, we start off by identifying the “whys” of assets becoming distressed. We then employ detailed planning and analysis to develop and implement a suitable solution. This may be restructuring, converting to equity, or securing additional funding.

We deal with a diverse range of distressed assets including:

  • Real estate (commercial/industrial/residential)
  • Securities (corporate bonds/preferred shares/trade claims)
  • Structured financing products
  • Diversified loan portfolios

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