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Human Resources Solutions

Aside from dealing with the challenges that accounting and regulatory compliance pose and the pressure coming from stakeholders to improve financial and operational agility, every organisation also needs to comply with human resources and employment law. This is to ensure they will develop, execute, and manage programs that not only drives their operations, but also meet the needs of their most valuable assets–their employees.

Optimising business through compliant and people-driven HR solutions

Millwood Accounting provides comprehensive HR solutions and capabilities intended to assist organisations in fulfilling their compliance obligations with HR and employment law.

Our team, which is comprised of CIPD, HR, and legal experts, can act as your organisations local HR department, assisting you in handling the day-to-day management of different HR processes and procedures. Through this you can concentrate your efforts in running the core activities of your organisation, mitigating its compliance risks, and improving the cost efficiency of managing its human capital.

Every situation is different for each organisation. This is why we make sure that our solutions are flexible and scalable so you can get the right one for your situation and at a level that best suits your organisation.

Our HR solutions cover the following areas:

Our leading experts are well-versed in the UKs employment law and health and safety regulations. This puts us in a good position to advise and guide you in meeting your obligations in the said areas of law, especially if you are seeking to expand and operate here in the UK. Our team can fill you in on changes in UK employment law, assist you in the development of HR best practices, procedures and policies, and manage concerns related to workplace safety.
We can deliver turn-key administrative support solutions in all areas of HR, including people management, holidays and absence monitoring and reporting, leavers process management, correspondence, and HR system administration. We guarantee not only compliance, but also flexibility, cost reduction, and efficiency.
Whether it is maintaining employees records, attendance management, or payroll administration, there is a technology to accomplish them with minimal difficulty. Our team can advise you on the best IT solution for your organisation so you can go about your people arrangements quickly and accurately. We also have our very own cloud based system that we can integrate into your existing HR system to expand its capability.
If your organisation is contemplating on creating or improving employee programs or undertaking new projects, we can work with you to ensure their compliance and develop strategies for effective implementation and participation. Our team can advise and support your organisation on such matters as employment contract review, program and policy development, dispute management, and change/transition management, among others.
Taking control of your payroll and employees data whilst also meeting your compliance obligations can be easier with our unified HR and payroll solutions. We give you the option to choose a stand-alone payroll system management solution or a fully-managed solution where you can pick several payroll and HR functions that you want our team to handle on your behalf.
Getting the right people with the right capability and putting them in the right positions can give your organisation the competitive advantage it needs to grow and succeed. We can tailor a recruitment and selection solution according to your requirements, helping you find talents who will drive your business forward. Our suite of recruitment and selection solutions include job specification and advertisement, candidate search, screening, management, and interview and onboarding arrangement, just to name a few.
Managing different HR function can take your focus away from the revenue-generating aspects of your business. Leave it to our team to manage the human aspects of your organisation. Outsourcing some or all of your HR functions will enable you to put your efforts into the core of your business whilst also saving costs and meeting your regulatory obligations.

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