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Contentious Insolvency Investigation and Advisory

Difficult economic times can put intense pressure on organisations. This can lead to financial distress wherein the entity itself is no longer capable of paying its bills and other financial obligations with its lenders. This situation is referred to as insolvency.

A number of factors can lead to insolvency, including poor cash management, rising vendor costs, lawsuits from customers or business associates, and the inability of the business’s offerings to evolve with the customers’ changing needs. It can also stem from contentious issues like wrongful trading, misfeasance, fraudulent trading, undervalue transactions, preferential payments, and unlawful dividends. Whatever the cause, however, one thing is certain: insolvency must be acted upon immediately to preserve the value of the company and ensure fair treatment of creditors.

Ensuring swift asset recovery from contentious insolvency

Millwood Accounting has extensive experience in investigating contentious insolvency and pursuing insolvency claims to help organisations recover their assets.

Our special investigation and recovery team is comprised of experts in fields like legal, accounting, and forensics. This means we are well placed in providing advice and investigations on insolvency matters caused by fraudulent activities. We also have the capacity to take on formal appointments and litigation support for organisations and stakeholders across varied sectors, and offer effective solutions for optimal asset recovery.

We take a four-step approach in dealing with insolvency issues: consultation, research, investigation, legal review, and pursuit. This allows us to understand how your organisation is doing, identify the root cause of the problem, and advise and guide you on the course of action that will give the best costs arrangements.

Some of the typical cases our team investigates and can provide guidance on include:

  • Asset tracing
  • Liquidations (provisional, public interest, and compulsory
  • Bankruptcy
  • Appointment of receiverships
  • Business wind-down
  • Proceeds from fraud, misfeasance, breach of duty, and activities related to abuse of a dominant position

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