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Diversity and Inclusion

We support and exercise diversity and inclusion because we are able to sustain our business and effectively support our clients through the efforts of a diverse pool of talented people.

We are proud of having a multicultural workforce as it is our differences that allow us to innovate, flourish, inspire, and deliver our services with much efficiency. This is why we give strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, making them a big part of our work culture and values and exercising them in many aspects of our operations. Here is a look at how we support diversity and inclusion and put them into practice.

Millwood Accounting provides equal opportunities to our employees as well as applicants. All our employees, regardless of their job title and level, are treated fairly, especially when it comes to performance evaluation, training, promotion and compensation. In terms of our hiring practices, we make sure to keep our hiring positions open to everyone no matter their race, gender, age, nationality, religion, ethnic or social origin, marital status, sexual orientation, and disability.

Additionally, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination or bullying. This ensures that our workplace is inclusive to everyone and that people are treated in a way they wish to be treated. Likewise, all ideas are welcome and differences are respected.
Providing a healthy, conducive, collaborative, and safe workplace free of hate and discrimination is a key priority for us. To make sure we are able to achieve this goal, we operate company-wide policies that advocate diversity and inclusion. Also, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we implement training that is centred on helping everyone understand cultural differences and its impact on the way people work and interact.
We uphold open dialogue to give everyone the opportunity to express their personal opinions. For instance, we administer an employee survey every 2 years to identify issues and enable our managers to develop actions that will help address those issues. Through this simple activity, we encourage everyone to participate and exchange views.
To further make our workplace personally enriching for everyone, we make it a point to mix up our teams. Having diverse talents and cultures within teams allow us to gain valuable insight and perspective gained from varied experiences. This, in turn, helps make our teams productive, creative and makes our communication process and practices better.