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Information Technology Risk Management

In this transformative age, one of the things organisations cannot do without is technology. No matter what form it comes in and no matter how simple or complicated it is to operate, technology aids in driving efficiency, productivity, performance, and customer relations.

Although technology reliance is definitely beneficial, it also poses multiple threats that can cause business disruption and loss of revenue and stakeholder trust. Understanding these threats and protecting the business against them are now priorities every organisation must not overlook.

Supporting and protecting your organisation in a technology-driven world

Millwood Accountings technology risk team possesses broad experience and deep knowledge in IT risk management. Tapping into these capabilities, we can help your organisation comprehend the IT risks your business is exposed to and support your efforts in mitigating them before they turn into serious problems. We can also work across IT risk disciplines, including sensitive data security, cyber security, regulatory and compliance, technology due diligence, IT resilience support, and IT service or software asset management.

Here is a look at how we can help your organisation:

  • Technology systems assessment
  • IT project risk management support
  • Cyber security and other information technology risk identification and management
  • Assessment and improvement of businesses processes and controls in relation to IT assets
  • Fulfilment of IT regulatory and compliance obligations

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