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Contract Assistance

In most types of transactions, a detailed legal contract is a must to finalise the interests of both parties as well as their responsibilities before closing a deal. In the world of business, such a contract is referred to as a sales and purchase agreement (SPA).

An SPA provides a framework for how a transaction should go. It also specifies exactly what is being bought and sold and what is excluded from the sale. An SPA allows participating parties to negotiate and agree upon a proper price. It also serves as a record for deposits made by the buyer and when the final place is going to take place.

A number of risks surround the creation of SPA, but none is as precarious as that of unintended ambiguity wherein certain terms, words, or phrases are subject to more than one interpretation. When that happens, the translated financial provisions of the SPA may not be the same as what was originally agreed by both parties, resulting to significant loss and future disagreements.

Overcoming risks from SPAs and ensuring smooth transactions

Our advisory team assist clients at every stage of transaction, helping them analyse and review contractual arrangements pre and post negotiations. We also provide support in the event of a dispute, enabling them to protect their positions in the deal process.

Our advisory team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in financial due diligence, forensic accounting, dispute resolution, and tax advisory. We have also supported a number of large transactions over the years for clients from a diverse range of sectors. Bringing together these skills and experiences, we can provide the advice and support your organisation needs to protect your interest against varied risks associated with SPAs, whilst also creating further value to your money.

Whatever stage you are in in the transaction process, our expert advisory team can help you with:

We can advise you during the stages of the deal, giving you insights into the fundamentals, putting together the right solution that will maximise your position throughout the deal, and negotiating portions within the agreement.
Buried within an SPA are details which when not properly reviewed can put your organisation in a difficult position later on. Leave it to our team to thoroughly examine an SPA for issues that can affect the consideration to be paid. We can also advise you on accounting aspects related to the SPA and the terms that must be negotiated.
Our work does not necessarily end once the ink on the contract has dried. We can also work with your organisation post-transaction in the fulfilment of SPA obligations and in resolving disputes when they arise.

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