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Risks come in all shapes and forms. Whilst some of them can be used to gain competitive advantage, others can threaten strategies, reputation, and performance. The last thing you want is for key risks to turn into crises that can hamper success. Through our assurance solutions, we can assist your organisation in effectively overseeing a variety of risks and mitigating those that can compromise its operations and compliance with relevant legislation. Below are the assurance solutions we can deliver:

The most serious risks can instantly put your organisation to its knees. You want to make sure such risks are determined and addressed before they negatively impact different aspects of organisational operations. Audit is one of the most effective ways to do that. Millwood Accounting offer both internal and statutory audits that are carried out by our specialist team. We closely check books of accounts, business activities, and overall governance and control structures and provide suggestions for improving weaknesses.
Fraud is a common crime in the workplace and also one of the most difficult to detect. Protecting your organisation against this risk demands careful planning and implementation of stringent procedures, which we can deliver. We can help your organisation perform fraud risk assessment, raise fraud awareness among your teams, and put an effective fraud prevention strategy in place.
Technology is essential to efficiently operate a business. Any disruption can cause serious damage or worse destroy an organisation. Anticipate, prepare for, and manage different IT-related risks with our assistance. We have the team and tools to handle risks in areas like cyber security, data security and analytics, social media and beyond.

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