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Turnaround Advisory

Difficulties in operations and finance can lead to catastrophic results for any organisation if not swiftly addressed. This is why a turnaround is critical when signs like stock price decline, layoffs, underwhelming sales, constrained cash flow, and revenues that are not enough to pay creditors are noticed. A turnaround refers to the recovery from a period of poor operational or financial performance. It may also refer to the actions taken in order to get a struggling business to a point of stability.

Know that turning an organisation around can be highly risky. There are certain elements that need to be met to make a turnaround work and they may differ from organisation to organisation. These include a new and competent management, a stable core operation, and renewed funding, among others. In this case, the input of an expert in this field is necessary to meet those elements and get the best outcome out of a turnaround.

Pushing your organisation back to positive operational or financial performance

Our team provides turnaround advisory solutions that will take your organisation from operation or financial difficulty to stability. We will work with you to identify the primary causes of obstructions your business is experiencing and devise a strategic plan to get it back to positive operational or financial health.

Aside from having a team of turnaround specialists to advise and support you along the way, we also have proven methodologies to start and sustain a turnaround momentum. As a matter of fact, we have helped numerous organisations across many sectors take control of their situations, restore business value, and secure long-term operational and financial viability.

If you are experiencing any form of distress related to organisational operations or finance, calling us is the best step you can take now. Seeking expert assistance a little too late diminishes your organisation’s chances for recovery, leading to a total loss of control to external stakeholder, value loss, and insolvency.

With our expertise, experience, efforts, and resources, we will:

  • Carefully diagnose underlying issues and prepare an appropriate turnaround strategy to restore your business operation and finance.
  • Stabilise cash flow and operational performance, whilst taking the pressure off the shoulders of key decision makers, so they can focus on running the organisation.
  • Source and secure ‘bridge’ capital to support ongoing recovery.
  • Assistance in creditor, vendor, and customer management for improved relationships.
  • Long-term planning.

Need more information?

Contact us so we can elaborate on our accounting and strategic business advisory solutions and discuss how they can help your organisation.

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