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Contractual and Procurement Relationships

At the most basic level, organisations need to engage in different commercial relationships to keep their business running. Due to this, maintaining strong and healthy commercial relationships is integral to timely delivery of goods or services, smooth sailing production, heightened customer satisfaction, and greater deals and savings.

Helping you build lasting commercial relationships

One of the best ways to develop and maintain healthy commercial relationships is through effective contract and procurement management. Millwood Accounting has solutions centred on this process.

Our specialist team has the expertise in the management of contract and procurement activities. This gives us the capability to develop and deliver strategic solutions to both private and public organisations that result in:

  • Enhanced controls in contractual and procurement activities
  • Faster recovery from underachieving commercial relationships
  • Improved trust between involved organisations (e.g. supplier and buyer)
  • Adherence to agreed contractual obligations
  • Superior negotiating power for future changes in agreement
  • Risk mitigation

Our contractual and procurement relationships solutions include:

  • Improvement in existing contract and procurement management process and practices
  • Support in contract cost and performance compliance
  • Training for contract management
  • Advisory on capital and in-sourcing projects
  • Contract negotiation support
  • Advisory on various commercial contracts
  • Commercial internal audit

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