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Creditor Solutions

All financing institutions face a number of risks when they lend money to organisations or individual entrepreneurs. These risks may range from delayed payments to complete default on loan obligations. Evaluating potential clients through asset assessment can only do so much to mitigate the aforesaid risks. When funds have already been dispersed and attempts for recovery of fees are no longer working, it is time to seek help from experts.

Pragmatic solutions for improving recovery process and creditor risk management

Millwood Accounting provides a range of creditor solutions designed to manage the risks associated with lending, minimise the impact of insolvency, and maximise net returns. We have comprehensive experience in advising and supporting financing institutions of all sizes, local authorities, and professional practices from varied sectors, giving us the capability to assist your organisation in the challenges it is facing.

The solutions we provide include:

  • Dynamic risk monitoring for informed decision-making and reduced bad debts
  • Professional representation at creditors’ meetings
  • Regulatory-compliant debt collection
  • Insolvency claims management
  • Insolvency support for local authorities
  • High value debt recovery

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