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M&A Advisory and Support

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are common means used by organisations to consolidate their assets and expand their business. M&A’s include various types of financial transactions, including tender offers, consolidations, assets purchase, and acquisitions of management.

There are many advantages to undertaking M&A’s that can significantly contribute to organisational success. These include obtaining additional skills, industry or sector knowledge, and business intelligence; increased access to valuable funds and assets; access to a wider customer base; and diversified products or services, just to name a few.

As with other business transactions, though, M&A’s comes with its own share of pitfalls, with some of them creating situations that may be beyond the organisation’s control.  In such case planning and preparing for eventualities and taking charge of the deal are keys to prevent M&A uncertainties and ensure favourable outcomes. This is where our team can assist.

Reliable advice and support for successful execution of M&A transactions

Our dedicated team of specialists offers reliable advice and support to organisations in a diverse range of M&A transactions. Our background in private equity, investment banking, accountancy, and consultancy provides us the foundation necessary to effectively assist a number of private and publicly-trade organisations in formulating sensible positioning strategies, sourcing quality buyers and sellers, negotiating deals, and executing strategic purchases and sales of companies and assets.

Among the areas we can provide advice and support in include:

  • Preparation for buy-side initiatives and exclusive sales
  • Negotiation of terms and increasing private equity to support buy-in or buy-out transactions
  • Debt advisory and management
  • Monitoring trustee

We always take a hands-on approach in delivering our M&A advisory and support solutions to all our clients. This means that no matter the financial transaction your organisation is seeking to get involved in, we will give expert insights and guidance to optimally position your organisation for a smooth and successful execution of transaction.

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