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Funding Advisory

Facilitating revenue-generating activities and projects demands significant funding. In that aspect, banks are usually the go-to choice for the majority of organisations. Traditional funders are not the only options for funding, however. A new breed of alternative funders is also on the rise, adding more diversity to funding supply. With more choices on offer, selecting the most appropriate solution becomes the biggest challenge for organisations.

Helping you make informed choice when it comes to business funding

Having a general understanding of the available funding options can help you and your organisation secure the right one for your needs. More than that, it can help you prepare for the responsibilities and challenges that getting funding entails.

Millwood Accounting is here to provide the information you require to know the funding options available to your organisation. Beyond that, our team has established relationships with a number of key traditional and alternative funders within the UK, particularly those involved in invoice finance and asset-based lending. This means that we can help you get the right form of funding at the right time.

Getting funding can become a long, drawn-out process, especially if you are not prepared for the journey. So to aid you in avoiding the complexities and potential problems, our team can provide assistance in:

  • Assessing your organisation’s unique needs
  • Sourcing funders and zeroing in on the most suitable funding solution for your situation
  • Coordinating with chosen funder and assisting in negotiations
  • Going about the process for getting funding approval

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Contact us so we can elaborate on our accounting and strategic business advisory solutions and discuss how they can help your organisation.

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