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Outsourcing and Specialised Solutions

Multiple business functions are traditionally tackled in-house. Yet, for organisations wanting to improve their efficiency, productivity, and viability, outsourcing some non-critical business functions has become the norm. Doing so allows them to focus all their internal energies in handling functions that give them a competitive advantage and positively impact their bottom line.

Bringing focus, efficiency, and cost-savings to organisations with premium outsourcing and specialised business solutions.

Millwood Accounting offers outsourcing solutions that help dynamic organisations take care of their low-margin business functions. With our expertise in this field, we are able to complete a wide variety of functions at a higher quality but without the expensive costs. As a result, our clients stay productive, whilst also managing their time and expenses more efficiently.

On top of our outsourcing solutions, we also provide a wide spectrum of specialist solutions organisations can count on so they can focus their attention and efforts in growing their business. These specialist solutions are carefully tailored to meet distinct needs of organisations and are delivered by experts to manage associated complexities and bring value that goes beyond cost reduction.

Onshore and Inbound Outsourcing

Turning over non-critical business functions to our team is a good move for organisations to remain competitive and prevent burnout. Our outsourcing solutions cover specific back office functions, including payroll, HR, and transaction processing and bookkeeping. We also offer inbound outsourcing that is designed to support organisations in their international expansion.

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Tech Outsourcing

Nowadays, it is impossible for organisations to run a part of or their entire operation without using some sort of technology. This is why it is essential to have technology-based solutions in place to ensure efficiency and productivity. We work with clients from varied industries in adopting or implementing technologies to meet their specific needs, particularly the management of their back office functions, like accounting, payroll, and recruitment.

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Global Compliance Outsourcing

Those seeking to expand their business globally need to be fully aware of the accounting and regulatory landscape of the countries they want to have presence in. This is to confidently satisfy compliance obligations and warrant smooth operations through and through. Our expert team are on top of global regulatory compliance and accounting requirements. Using their expertise, we have been helping clients navigate todays legislative landscape with ease, avoid financial penalties and reputational damage, and drive their growth globally.

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Insurance Solutions

Regardless of the business an organisation is involved in, it is always exposed to certain risks, which makes having the right insurance integral to prevent significant financial loss. Millwood Accounting customises insurance or risk management solutions to protect organisations from specific concerns and assist them in putting those plans in place.

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Human Resources Solutions

People are the most valuable assets of organisations. Keeping them motivated, satisfied, and engaged should go on top of organisational priorities. One of our primary solutions is to provide organisations with the support necessary to effectively manage their most valuable assets and ensure their compliance with HR requirements and employment law. We have the expertise in such matters as executive search, HR strategies, training and development, technology and analytics, and labour concerns, among others.

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Fraud Prevention and Forensic Solutions

The biggest risks organisations face are fraud and economic crimes. To avoid falling prey from these dangers or properly respond when they occur, we provide organisations with a range of fraud prevention and forensic solutions. Our team includes forensic accountants, certified investigators, and fraud prevention specialists who have years of experience working with organisations in the private and public spheres and are capable of developing robust policies, procedures, and controls for fraud prevention and detection.

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