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Fraud Prevention and Forensic Solutions

Among the risks organisations have to deal with, fraud is perhaps one of the most dangerous. Often undertaken in concealment to disguise illicit activity, fraud has caused UK organisations thousands of pounds per occurrence. To make matters worse, the deception is usually committed by someone trusted by the organisation.

The deceptive nature of fraud makes it quite difficult to uncover. This is why proper and effective policies and systems of checks and balances must be in place to prevent it or minimise the impact it has in the organisations finances and reputation.

Quick and effective actions to prevent and stop fraud and resolve disputes

Investigating fraud issues and handling other problems that causes expensive damages require trained professionals to secure positive outcomes. Our team of forensic accountants and fraud prevention specialists are here to assist your organisation in these areas.

We advise and guide clients in the development and implementation of solutions for detecting, preventing, and addressing fraud and other economic crimes and also responding to disputes with objectivity, sensitivity, and a sense of urgency. We are able to do this through close coordination with our clients, which affords us the opportunity to better analyse and understand their circumstances.

Whether you suspect unusual financial activity or are the subject of a legal claim, rest assured that we will effectively support your organisation on its way to investigating and addressing alleged misconduct or resolving disputes. With that, you can achieve quick recovery, satisfy both shareholders and regulators, and put operations back on track.

Our dedicated teams primary areas of focus include:

We perform in-depth independent investigations for public and private organisations as well as regulators for suspected fraud or financial or operational misconducts like bribery, corruption, market abuse, and other regulatory violations. We take on a variety of cases, including assignments involving individuals or those perpetrated by organisations. In addition to fraud and financial misconduct investigation, we also do due diligence to gather information that will support fraud investigations and commercial dispute resolution.
Drawing from the expertise and experience of our team, we provide an array of anti-fraud solutions that organisations can rely on to develop and implement strategies and policies that will detect and prevent fraud or limit the extent to which it can grow. These solutions include governance and controls analysis, risk assessment for fraud and bribery, anti-fraud staff training, and use of cyber fraud prevention technologies.
The extent of our solutions is not just limited to cases involving organisations. We can also work with private clients to search for hidden assets during a divorce; recover properties stolen through the use of fraudulent signature; and assist in financial recovery after a civil claim.
We also provide advisory and support solutions to organisations when it comes to dispute matters. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals can offer assistance at every stage of a dispute, from mediation to formal proceedings. We can also provide witness testimony in relation to what we have found during the investigation process.
We put our expertise in technology to extract evidence that can be used by organisations to support legal action. We are capable of capturing information in multiple formats from a wide range of electronic platforms, analysing and sorting them effectively using cutting-edge technology.

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