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Restructuring and Turnaround Solutions

Viable restructuring and turnaround solutions to correct unprofitable situations and renew distressed organisations.

Organisations can run into crises that can put their entire operations in jeopardy. In such a case, significant action must be taken before it is too late, and this where our team comes in.

Millwood Accounting offers a comprehensive range of restructuring and turnaround solutions and advice to organisations in distress. Through our proven knowledge and experience in crisis management, we are able to objectively assess key issues,situations and develop and implement viable strategies with a sense of urgency and best possible outcomes in mind. We have taken the lead in the restructuring and turnaround efforts of a number of organisations, aiding them in stabilising crisis and resuming their business operations.

Accelerated M&A

Traditional M&A process often takes a lot of time, which may lead to further difficulties for organisations. Our experienced team of advisors can work with shareholders to conduct an orderly sales process in an accelerated time frame, whilst maximising value.

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Cash Flow Management

A healthy cash flow is a must for organisations to support its operation, activities, and growth strategies. For organisations experiencing cash strain, Millwood Accounting can provide assistance in reviewing cash flow needs, cash forecasting, making cash flow improvements, sourcing additional funding, and implementing strategies for continuous cash flow monitoring.

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Corporate Restructuring

In circumstances of corporate distress, swift and insightful action is necessary to rise above the challenges and ensure stabilisation and recovery. Our team of advisors here at Millwood Accounting are experts in restructuring. They have a proven track record in diagnosing issues related to leadership, operation, finance, and providing solutions that effectively resolve even the most complicated organisational challenges.

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Contentious Insolvency Investigation and Advisory

In cases of financial distress or insolvency brought about by contentious issues like wrongful and fraudulent trading, undervalued transactions, and preferential payments, expertise and time are of the essence to recover the highest value possible and distribute them to financial stakeholders. We provide advisory and investigation solutions for a range of contentious insolvency issues. Our team works with organisations to clarify their position, plan for contingency, manage their loss exposure, and bring claims against those responsible for causing their financial distress.

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Assessment of Financials

Knowledge of the organisations current and projected financial status is essential for executives to make informed decisions that will influence the long term health of their business. Our team is noted for carrying out independent financial assessment and reporting to assist organisations in the development and implementation of their growth and risk management strategies. We are also able to identify and seize opportunities, and to increase their negotiation strength and position.

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Turnaround Advisory

When an organisation faces financial difficulties that could put it at risk of failure, early intervention is vital to bring stability to its finances and operations, preserve its value, and secure its future health. Our team has deep expertise in turnaround, allowing us to take decisive actions that help organisations achieve results that are immediate and have lasting impact on their financial situation, organisational value, and business operation.

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Creditor Solutions

Creditors in financially distressed situations need critical analysis and advice to make informed business judgements and optimise their recovery. Drawing upon our years of experience and knowledge in tackling a wide range of financial situations, we deliver a broad range of advisory and support solutions to help creditors achieve positive outcomes in their difficult financial situations. Be it business risk monitoring, representation, or negotiating restructuring programs, we have the right team and solutions to handle all these and more.

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Credit Rating Advisory

Credit ratings are used to gauge the financial stability and performance of an organisation. This makes it integral to have good credit ratings to have access to finances that will support business growth and success. Organisations seeking to build and improve their credit worthiness can work with our expert team to receive appropriate guidance and advice on these matters. We have access to systems that enables us to understand the current credit rating of an organisation. We are also capable of working out suitable strategies to address issues that could be affecting their creditworthiness.

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Corporate Simplification

Corporate simplification is one strategic means for large corporates to reduce costs, minimise inefficiencies, and enhance profitability. Millwood Accountings expert team provides support to organisations in undertaking this type of project. We offer advice on the most effective methods for identifying and dissolving surplus entities, whilst minimising potential risks at every stage of the process.

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Covenant Assessment

A covenant is a key element in the sponsor/trustee relationship. As an agreement, it helps protect a scheme and it trustees from risks that may arise when the sponsoring employer fails to meet its financial commitments to the scheme. We offer range of covenant assessment solutions to corporate clients and trustees. Our team delivers support in areas like covenant assessment and monitoring, risk management, and covenant advice.

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Funding Advisory

There is a plethora of funding options available for organisations. The problem is choosing the best one that suits their needs. This is where our team of experienced advisors come into play. Leveraging their wealth of knowledge and experience, we provide organisations access to professional advisory on all aspects of funding, enabling them to make the right choice.

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Distressed Assets

Values of assets, especially that of real estate, can significantly decline. Without proper management in place, the potential for making a distressed sale becomes higher. This is one situation that asset or real estate owners would want to avoid. Assistance from our team can help assess the situation and implement management strategies that can preserve the value of an asset and complete a transaction that works well for all stakeholders.

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