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International Development

Organisations in both private and public sectors play a critical role in achieving the sustainable development goals of societies across the globe through their advocacies and equitable activities. If your organisation is one of them, you want to make sure that the aid you provide for your development advocacies, be it in cash or in kind, is managed effectively. In that case, Millwood Accounting is here to deliver the support you require.

Solutions committed to fostering sustainable development changes

Our international development team has been working with clients in both private and public sectors in fostering sustainable development changes across 20 countries for more than 15 years. What we deliver is a comprehensive suite of audit and investigation solutions for managing aid/grants with reliability, transparency, integrity, and accountability.

Using our solutions, you can be certain that the assistance you extend will be handled and disbursed effectively. With that, you can face donors with confidence and assure lasting impact on the lives of whom your organisations aid/grant is intended for.

Our key international development solutions include:

  • Technical and procurement audits
  • Project due diligence and review
  • Grant and funding audits
  • IT audit and assurance
  • Governance and control review and investigation

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