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Business Valuations

Not all businesses and assets are the same, especially in terms of real value. This is why valuation should always be the first thing that comes to mind before deciding to make a sale or purchase. Take note that there is more to valuation than just knowing the price of a business or asset. It is also about looking into all its working parts and variables like inherent risks and potentials for growth to determine its real value. All these make valuation a complex affair.

Uncovering true value through concise and robust valuations

Millwood Accounting believes that complexity should not get in the way of determining the true value of a business or asset. This is why our team delivers straightforward valuation solutions that allow organisations to stay on top of their own valuation numbers and that of the business or assets on their radar. With such valuable information, they have the total confidence to make changes in their business, make optimal investments, or leave a transaction with the highest valuation possible.

Many of our clients tap into our valuation solutions for a number of purposes and situations including:

  • Raising capital
  • Trade acquisitions and disposals
  • Taxation and regulatory compliance
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Bank security
  • Dispute resolution between shareholders
  • Matrimonial settlements

We know that no two valuations are alike. This is why when you tap into us for assistance, expect that we will closely work with your organisation to fully understand its circumstances and objectives and for our team to come up with a suitable valuation system. In the end, what we will deliver to you is not just concise values, but also insights on how they were derived.

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