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Accelerated M&A

Where an organisation is in financial trouble, an accelerated M&A strategy could be the best course of action to stabilise the situation and address investors’ and creditors’ concerns without causing damage to the business. This usually involves fast-tracking transactions—from months to a couple of weeks or days—to relieve financial pressure and avoid performance decline for the involved organisation. These transactions may include sale of shares, business or assets, or debt; debt/equity addition; and disposal through insolvency.

Truncating M&A process whilst maximising value for stakeholders

In circumstances that your organisation is in financial distress,Millwood Accounting can provide the crucial support it needs to get back on track. Our team will work with you to quickly evaluate available funding options to take the pressure off of your organisation’s cash flow and choose the one that will deliver the best value for both stakeholders and creditors. Our approach will also cover:

  • Setting a realistic yet prompt timescales
  • Communicating with creditors for improved client position
  • Exploring refinancing or investment sources or serious bidders
  • Advice, guidance, and support throughout thefinancial and operational restructuring process

We understand that an accelerated M&A process may be a cause for concern among shareholders and staff of the organisation given the pressure of the process and the risks with respect to closing conditions. However, we have successfully handled a number of such transaction in the past. This gives us the expertise and experience to go about the process in a discreet and controlled manner, whilst giving your organisation a desirable outcome.

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