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Logistics & Transport

The logistics and transport sector worldwide is growing and changing at a rapid pace. There are several catalysts for this, including changing customer demands and expectations, private-sector participation, and new business models and technologies. To keep up with these shifts and overcome challenges, businesses operating within the sector need to develop and execute strategies that are customer-centric, outcomes- and technologically-driven, operationally efficient, and regulations compliant.


Millwood Accounting offers a range of business advisory and compliance solutions to organisations involved in aviation, shipping, land transport, road freight, logistics, and warehousing. Our team has experience in dealing with complex challenges distinct to the sector, enabling our clients to improve operational efficiencies, manage costs, handle compliance obligations, enhance customer experience, and meet stakeholder demands. So whatever situation your organisation is in, we can help you by delivering a tailored advisory and support solution your business needs.

Our service offerings include:

  • Solutions for enhancing operational efficiencies, including process, performance, and technology
  • Financial modelling and capital management
  • Business planning and finance sourcing
  • Transactions advice
  • Advice and support in restructuring and turnaround
  • Solutions for regulatory compliance, including audit, VAT and tax, and PAYE
  • Recruitment and employee training advice
  • Overseas expansion advice and support

You can access our expertise and solutions at any stage of your logistics and transport business, from planning and building to operating and transitioning. Rest assured that we will put our best people to help you solve some of the most pressing issues of your business and reposition it for success.

Speak to one of our representatives today to discuss how we can be of help to your organisation.

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