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Our Clients Experience


We help organisations with their audit, tax, and consulting needs. Experience our service and enable your organisation to achieve its full potential.

In this constantly changing business environment, organisations like yours need a reliable partner in handling your audit, tax, and consulting requirements. Having one will enable your organisation to have its finances in order, putting you in a better position to make smarter business decisions.

Millwood Accounting is the partner you can trust and rely on. We are not just equipped to tackle all your audit and taxation requirements as well as your business consulting needs, we also have a strong track record in building and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. This can be credited to our ability to listen to our clients, which allows us to fully grasp their business situation, strategies, and aspirations. From there, we utilise our expertise to deliver the right solutions that bring value and confidence to their organisations.

Do not just take our word for it. Discover how we deliver on the needs of the organisations we serve and provide them with a positive experience at different stages of our service and collaboration by going over their stories about working with us below.

Abby Burgess, Human Resources Manager

Digital Marketing Company

We have been involved in digital marketing for the past five years, and as our organisation continues to grow, so do the challenges related to our payroll and employment tax. We thus decided to employ Millwood Accountings services late in 2017.

Working with them is a great help in simplifying how we administer our payroll and how we take care of our employment tax, especially when it comes to compliance. Their experts remove unnecessary steps in our process, enabling our staff to attend to other core business tasks.

If there are two things that distinguish Millwood Accounting from other providers, it is their technical expertise and ability to listen to their clients. They have consultants in their teams who are truly knowledgeable about payroll and employment tax. Combine that with their willingness to sit down with us and listen to our needs and it has clearly become easier to point out and address the areas we are having trouble with. We are still using their service to date and we have no reservations recommending them to other companies.

Sofia Whitehead, Chief Financial Officer

Non-Profit Organisation

As a non-profit organisation, we are committed to financial transparency because we want those who provide us funding to be aware of our financial practices and know where their donations are going. We also want to establish our reputation, since we are just starting out.

We approached Millwood Accounting because they clearly have knowledge of the regulatory environment and they have experience working with non-profits. They assigned us a two-person team to tackle our auditing requirements. They are very good at what they do and they really take the time to understand our finances and sources for funding. They also help us in navigating the legal requirements for audits.

Whenever we encounter issues or have questions, we can just pick up the phone or send them an email and they will respond to us quickly. Overall, we receive exceptional advice and customer support from them.

Josh Cameron, Sales and Marketing Head

Construction Firm

We have been working with Millwood Accounting for the last two years, and our relationship with them has been collaborative from day one. As a growing construction business, we deal with a number of regular employees and subcontractors to finish our projects and meet our clients expectations, which make it a handful for us to deal with salaries, taxes, and all the other financial stuff. At times this made it difficult for our managers to focus on our projects because they have to take care of financial matters to avoid delays in employees payments and ensure regulatory compliance. Due to these, we decided to tap into Millwood Accounting services.

Approaching them was definitely one of the best decisions we made. They set us up with a professional team that applies their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide us with the best advice and service possible. It is through their assistance that we are able to put our checks and balances in place. They also provide us sound advice on matters related to audits and business risks.

We can safely say that Millwood Accounting help us in achieving stability for our business, and we are truly satisfied with the level of service they are providing to us.