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Credit Rating Advisory

Securing capital or additional funding is key for organisations to reach their objectives and goals. The chances for getting one, however, become slim when an organisation’s credit rating is low. To put it simply, credit rating is a score used by creditors and investors to gauge an organisation’s or individual’s credit worthiness.

At best, credit ratings reflect organisations’ ability to generate cash and pay debts. They are then used by creditors and investors to decide if they should extend or restrict funding, award tenders, or give new work to organisations.

Providing increased access to funding and work contracts

Millwood Accounting is well versed in different aspects of credit ratings. We provide tailored credit rating advice to SMEs and multinational corporations across multiple sectors, helping them understand their current score and diagnose issues that may be causing its decline. We also assist in formulating solutions for improving credit worthiness so as to help organisations have increased access to funding and contracts.

Our credit rating advisory encompasses the following: 

  • Identification and coordination with relevant credit rating agency
  • Development and execution of optimal solution to improve credit score
  • Ongoing credit rating assessment
  • Advisory on financial decisions that may affect credit rating

One of our strongest suits is our experience with credit rating agencies. This allows us to effectively coordinate with them to determine the organisation’s accurate credit score. With that, we are able to advise decision makers on how issues can be resolved to restore their credit worthiness.

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