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Financial Modelling

Over the course of their operations, organisations can run into various situations that can impact their financial performance. In such cases, making the right decision is integral to achieve positive outcomes. To be able to do that, however, an appropriate financial model needs to be used.

A financial model is a tool used to gain insights into the potential impact of a future situation or decision. The process for creating financial models is referred to as financial modelling. In the business world, a financial model is developed to depict real-life financial situations that help executives and managers make better financial decisions. As such, it may contain a set of variable assumptions, which when changed will also result in different financial outcomes.

Developing practical models to support financial decision-making

Millwood Accounting provides expert financial modelling solutions that can support your financial decisions and enable your organisation to comply with current regulatory restrictions and adapt to varied situations.

If you already have financial models in place, our team can deliver independent assurance to make sure they are dynamic and flexible enough to display different outcomes based on changing variable assumptions. We are also able to provide forensic support solutions to concerns related to financial modelling.

We are confident that with our help, you can quickly analyse issues when they arise, prepare for changes accordingly, and make the best possible decisions for your organisation.

Following below is brief information about the solutions we provide:

Financial models present many applications and benefits to executives and financial analysts. We can assist your organisation in developing the most appropriate financial models for your needs, be they pricing models, project finance models, valuation models, or reporting models.
Keep in mind that good financial models are supposed to provide insightful information, which would enable you to understand and prepare for the impact of certain situations and also make informed decisions. We provide assurance solutions to help you determine how well your existing financial models are working. Our solutions include:

  • Comprehensive financial model review and health check
  • Independent financial model audits
  • Continuous model monitoring
Development and assurance aside, our team also provides support solutions in relation to the use of financial models. These include formal training and coaching to help your staff learn how to effectively use financial models and forensic support on issues related to financial modelling.

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