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Economics Consulting

Organisations both in the public and private sector may encounter complex financial and economic situations at some point. When that happens, existing strategies, policies, and programs may either have to be evaluated to determine how they can be enhanced or changed altogether to effectively address the issues at hand.

Solutions grounded in expert in economic analysis

Millwood Accounting provides essential support to organisations facing complex financial and economic situations. What we offer is a range of sophisticated solutions that are grounded on expert and comprehensible research and analyses. Results are then used by executives to gain key insights about the issues they are dealing with and at the same time make the best strategic and operational decisions that will benefit their business.

Our consulting team is involved in different economic, finance, and accounting engagements and caters to corporations and government agencies in such sectors as higher education, science and technology, business, health and social care, private and social housing. Our support spans from developing or improving strategies, to evaluating and improving policies and programs, to forecasting across a diverse spectrum of issues. All these make us a good partner to help your organisation pull through its toughest problems.

Our solutions encompass the following:

  • Research (qualitative and quantitative) and analysis
  • Evaluation of policies and programs
  • Information gathering and forecasting
  • Support in investment-making decision

We give you access to sophisticated skills, experience, and solutions so you can clearly see not just the issues your organisation is dealing with, but also the opportunities to design outcomes that will drive your organisation to success.

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