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Business Entry and Structure Legal Solutions

Professional services firms seeking to penetrate the UK market as part of their expansion as well as individuals planning to set up a business in the country for the first time will find that there are unique and complex challenges ahead before their business can hit the ground running. These challenges come in the forms of regulatory requirements and constitutional issues that need to be navigated with great care to avoid dealing with costly issues later on.

Simplifying business entry and structuring for partnerships and LLPs

Our team has significant knowledge in the key areas of business entry and structuring here in the UK. We can provide solid legal advice on all areas of governance and control, structuring, and financial affairs, especially for partnerships and LLPs. We also offer assistance in such critical activities as business structure conversion, preparation and update of deeds and constitutional documents, M&As, dispute resolution, and closure of businesses regulated by SRA.

We recognise that no two professional services firms have the same needs nor encounter similar challenges. As such, solutions do not always work perfectly for one firm to another. We take this fact into consideration, which is why we take a tailored approach to provide a solution that is appropriate for your circumstances. As a result, you can have an efficient business structure that is positioned for growth and success.

Our business entry and structure legal solutions encompass the following:

  • Advisory the development of a partnership
  • Identification and resolution of individual partner issues
  • Advice, preparation, and update of LLP-related constitutional documentation
  • Restructuring and joint venture advisory
  • Investment and diversification advisory

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