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Capital Markets

Pursuing expansion projects and meeting short- and long-term goals require raising capital to fund those activities. One of the best options for organisations to do that is to get involved in the capital markets where numerous suppliers that have capital can be found. Organisations can get involved in different transactions to raise the capital they need, including initial public offerings (IPO), securitization, and private placements.

Navigating the capital markets and pursuing transactions for the purpose of capital raising can be a highly complex process that also comes with great risks. This therefore entails due diligence, planning, and development of sound strategies to ensure success.

We help your organisation navigate the capital markets whilst keeping risks at bay

Millwood Accounting will provide you with a tailored solution that will support your organisation in any capital market transaction you are contemplating to get involved in. Our team has worked with different clients from varied sectors in tackling transactions like flotation, reverse acquisitions, and de-listing with good outcomes. This proves our capability to deliver solutions that provide lasting value to their business.

Whether your objective is to raise funds, grow your business through acquisitions, or give your employees incentives in the form of a stake in the company, rest assured that our team will work alongside you throughout the process. You will get a sensible solution fit for your needs as well as advice and recommendations to manage potential risks.

Our team can advice and support your organisation on:

  • IPO preparation
  • Reverse acquisitions
  • Secondary fundraisings
  • Private placements
  • Disposal
  • De-listing

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